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Benefit from free capacity building activities such as online courses, webinars, and face-to-face workshops.


Everyone can view the activities, however, only accepted members can register for upcoming capacity building.


How to view upcoming capacity building activities:

Accepted Members

                         Non-verified / New Companies

  1. Log-in to your profile and go to your Home Page 
  2. Click on "Activities"
  3. According to the type of training you would like to attend, you can filter each event according to Type, Sector, Country, etc.
  1.  Register your company in the SheTrades Commonwealth website
  2. Complete your i) General company profile, ii) Personal profile, and iii) Networking profile 
  3. Wait for your company to be verified and accepted

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  *Note: Registration on all SheTrades platforms and all SheTrades capacity building events and trainings are free-of-charge!


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