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WOB: Deadline for pre-registration extended to June 30, 2019

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Women Owned Business (WOB)- If your company/cooperative is at least 30% owned, managed and controlled by women; legally registered and incorporated company domiciled in Bangladesh, Ghana, Kenya, and Nigeria. Operating in one or several of the indicated sectors:





Textiles and apparel including handicrafts



Agribusiness (shea, cashew and cocoa),  Textiles and apparel including handicrafts

IT&BPO and Tourism


Agribusiness (avocado, beans&peas, coffee, tea), Textiles and apparel including handicrafts and leather

IT&BPO and Tourism


Agribusiness (cashew, shea, spices (ginger and turmeric)) Textiles and apparel including handicrafts



Business Support Organization (BSO) - If you are a trade and investment support institution, e.g. export promotion organisations, chambers of commerce; women’s associations; and sector associations etc.

Corporation- If you are a company/foundation/academia interested in sourcing, investing and/or sharing and exchanging with women entrepreneurs

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